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wisdom teeth extractions

In prehistoric times, the wisdom teeth played an important role in the lives of early humans. However, in modern times, the growth of wisdom teeth often causes trouble for people, requiring teeth extractions. At Moore & Pascarella Dental Group, we provide wisdom teeth extractions to resolve problems caused by the development of wisdom teeth.

why remove wisdom teeth?


Wisdom teeth grow beneath the gums in the back of the molars, generally when people are in their late teens or early twenties. They erupt after all permanent teeth are in position. In some cases, the wisdom teeth grow in behind the molars with no problem, but they can cause a range of problems and need to be removed.

Some issues can occur during the growth of wisdom teeth include becoming impacted so they won’t grow in, breaking partially through the gums and becoming infected, damaging the bone, causing a cyst to grow or emerging in an awkward angle, which results in the teeth facing in the wrong direction.

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