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In prehistoric times, the wisdom teeth played an important role in the lives of early humans. However, in modern times, the growth of wisdom teeth often causes trouble for people, requiring them to be extracted. Moore & Pascarella dentists can provide wisdom teeth removal to resolve problems caused by the development of wisdom teeth.

There are issues that wisdom teeth can cause when they begin to come in. Not everyone's wisdom teeth erupt, and the number of wisdom teeth can vary from person to person as well. If your dentist does find that wisdom teeth will be a problem for you, they typically grow in the late teens or early twenties. They're located beneath the gums behind your regular molars, and begin to push through, or erupt, after all your permanent teeth are in position.

when to get wisdom teeth removed

In some cases, the wisdom teeth grow in behind the molars with no problem, but they still can cause a range of problems and often require wisdom teeth removal. Some of the issues that can occur during the growth of wisdom teeth include becoming impacted so they won’t grow in, breaking partially through the gums and becoming infected, damaging the bone, causing a cyst to grow or emerging at an awkward angle, which results in the teeth facing in the wrong direction. Even if wisdom teeth grow without causing any immediate issues, they are often difficult to clean and can be more vulnerable to becoming infected. 

If the wisdom teeth are left to grow without being addressed, it can not only lead to pain and difficulty eating but can also require further treatments for the infection and damage to your bone, gums, and surrounding teeth. Although it can be daunting to talk about dental surgery, having your wisdom teeth examined at our office sooner rather than later can save you from bigger dental issues down the road. 
If your wisdom teeth are already causing you pain or if we see on an x-ray that your wisdom teeth may become an issue in the future, we may recommend a wisdom teeth extraction. We will discuss the procedure with you and answer any questions or concerns you have about wisdom tooth removal. 

what to expect

Extracting wisdom teeth is a type of oral surgery. If the wisdom teeth are below the gumline, the dentist or oral surgeon will cut into the gum tissue covering them, then surgically remove them. If the wisdom teeth have already erupted correctly, they can be extracted more simply. While it’s not a minor treatment, extractions are done painlessly with a combination of local anesthetic and oral sedation. 
The length of time that the surgery takes depends on how many wisdom teeth are being removed, but our caring and dedicated staff will make sure you’re kept comfortable during the duration of the procedure. After your wisdom teeth extraction is finished, it’s recommended that a friend or family member drive you home.

what to expect during recovery

We provide detailed post-operative care instructions and will check in with you to be sure you’re recovering well after having wisdom teeth extracted. Recovery time can usually be expected to be around two or three weeks. During this time, it’s normal to experience some blood clots in the mouth for the first few days as well as swelling and soreness. These symptoms are a normal part of the healing process and will gradually subside. It’s also important to eat soft foods at first as your jaw and gums heal. 
It’s very important to follow aftercare directions at home to ensure the site where the wisdom teeth were extracted heals well and remains healthy. The major possible complication after any tooth extraction is a condition called dry socket, which occurs when the healing tissue or blood clot at the site is disturbed. It is very painful and can lead to infection or poor healing results, but following the right care methods at home will prevent any problems from arising.

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When choosing an oral surgeon, you not only want someone who is experienced in dental care but who also will provide you with the best patient experience. At Moore & Pascarella, we blend superior patient care with advanced dental technology to bring you an experience that is safe and comfortable with stellar results. We have multiple sedation options for all of our procedures, ensuring that your wisdom teeth removal is tailored to your individual preferences. 
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