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Composite tooth fillings are used to repair teeth that are damaged by decay, cracks, chips, or to repair spaces between teeth. The decayed part of the tooth is removed and the space is filled with a composite filling, which is made of resins, rather than metal. We provide fillings for our patients to remove decay and restore dental health.

Composite resins are designed to match your natural teeth, so fillings are less noticeable. The composite filling supports the remaining structure of the tooth to prevent breakage and further decay. The material lasts as long as amalgam fillings, but enables the patient to retain more of the natural tooth and enjoy a natural looking smile.

what to expect with composite fillings

Composite fillings are completed in one visit. The first step is to numb the tooth and remove the decayed area. The space where decay is removed is then cleaned and filled with the composite resin to the shape of the natural tooth. When the decay extends near the nerve, a medication is placed before the composite filling by our dentists.


When fillings are placed, you may be sensitive to heat and cold at first, but this subsides once you get used to the new filling. For more information about fillings and our other services, please browse our website and contact us for an appointment.

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We believe that visiting the dentist should always be a comfortable and painless experience, which is why we offer a variety of sedation options to ensure your treatment is pleasant. Even the slightest discomfort can be avoided during dental treatment using oral conscious sedation, a method which allows patients to be awake throughout an entire visit without anxiety.

Oral conscious sedation is just one of the advanced patient comfort options we offer. Click here to read more about the safe and relaxing sedation options we make available to our patients.

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