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Teeth Cleanings & Checkups

Our kind & caring team always goes the extra mile to make sure your dental exam & cleaning is always a great experience-- simple, informative & pain-free.
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About teeth cleanings & check-ups

Regular teeth cleanings and dental exams are important to maintaining a healthy smile and preventing larger issues. In fact, we recommend visiting the dentist at least twice yearly to keep your teeth in great shape and prevent any potential problems.

A professional cleaning and dental checkup every six months can help reveal early signs of oral diseases before you even know about them. They also prevent oral health complications and lower your healthcare costs in the long run. Our friendly dentists and staff focus on preventive care in a comfortable and pain free environment to help maintain a patient’s healthy teeth and gums for life . We take care of adults, children and seniors, keeping every individual’s dental needs in mind.

What to expect during a dental exam

The first step of a regular dental exam is a thorough examination for early signs of tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. The best way to check all around the structures of the teeth, gums, and jaw is through taking a dental x ray. These pictures of your teeth help us see everything clearly and give us the best place to start when making your treatment plan.

At Moore & Pascarella , we often use digital X rays to get a closer look at the roots of your teeth and to check for hidden cavities. Digital X rays are comfortable for the patient, often create better quality pictures, are easy for us to store in patient files, and can better detect early signs of tooth and gum issues than traditional X ray technology. Using digital X rays also lessens patient exposure to much of the radiation associated with traditional X rays.

During your teeth cleaning, our experienced and gentle dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, and check your gums and mouth for any oral health problems. If you haven’t been to the dentist regularly, we also provide deep cleanings when needed. Finally, the patient’s teeth are polished to remove any surface stains and flossed for a clean and fresh feeling. We’ll perform any preventive checks needed, and if the dentist finds any issues, he or she will talk with you and outline what should be done.

What to expect during a periodontal exam

Your teeth aren’t the only parts of your mouth that get attention during your dental checkup. Periodontal exams, or checkups for your gums, are also important for overall dental health. During a periodontal exam, our team will check the areas of your gums around your teeth and look for the symptoms of gingivitis , a periodontal condition that is common in children and adults.

The buildup of tartar and plaque around the teeth can cause the gums to become uncomfortable, and with a deep cleaning and adapting good oral hygiene habits, gingivitis and periodontal disease can be reversed before larger problems develop. Periodontal cleanings focus on buildup above and below the gumline, and we’ll make sure the process is as relaxed and comfortable as possible while we give your gums the special attention they need. Depending on the level of gingivitis, it may take more than one cleaning to restore your smile to its best and brightest. Our experienced team will evaluate your gums and let you know if any special cleanings and treatments are necessary, and they will also help you develop an easy plan to help you take care of your gums at home.

Fluoride treatment

At the end of your dental check up, we will typically give you a fluoride treatment to get your teeth in the best shape possible until your next visit with us. Fluoride is a mineral that can help make teeth stronger and also help prevent cavities. Fluoride treatments help by supporting enamel, the outer protective layer of each tooth, and by fighting off the harmful bacteria that can cause cavities.

Why choose Moore & Pascarella

In any and all dental cleanings and treatments, the patient’s comfort is our top priority. Our friendly staff will ensure the entire visit is pleasant and pain free. For apprehensive patients and children, Moore & Pascarella offers a wide array of sedation options to help avoid even the slightest anxiety.

At Moore & Pascarella, we believe that dentistry is as much about a great patient experience as it is about the best technology and care. Rest assured that when you visit our offices, our friendly, caring and compassionate staff will always go the extra mile for your comfort and deliver superior dental care.

Set up an appointment and come get to know us, we love to make you smile!

Service availability:

We have two convenient, locally-owned locations to serve you better. See where we offer teeth cleanings & checkups below:

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Our Dental Care Philosophy at Moore & Pascarella. Patients smiling after their appointments.


Patient-centered dentistry for the whole family.

We’re a family dentist first and foremost, and we want to serve your whole family’s dental needs. We offer a wide range of dental services— from pediatric checkups, to Invisalign, to dentures— aimed at taking care of patients of all ages.

We take the time to treat every single patient with compassion and care, ensuring your always comfortable, informed and pain-free during and after your time in our office. Come experience the difference of a dental care that’s truly built all around you.


We keep up with the best dental technology for your comfort & care.

Dental technology advances quickly. Our office stays on the forefront of it, especially when it comes to technologies that make our patients’ experience in our office more pleasant, painless or carefree. From CEREC to sedation, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the technologies that matter to you.


We’re proudly independent & locally-owned.

Both of our offices are co-owned by Dr. Jeff Moore, Dr. Jon Pascarella & Dr. Enos Heinzen. In a time when many dental practices are owned and run by large corporations, we’re still proudly independent. We think it gives us the ability to provide the best care and experience for you, the patient, and we hope you’ll agree.
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    Dr. Moore got into dentistry to work with all of the cool tools. He’s also a member of the International College of Dentists and a pretty decent golfer.Meet Dr. Moore
  • Dr. Jon Pascarella

    Dr. Pascarella decided to become a cosmetic dentist after personally feeling the confidence a great smile can bring. He’s into fishing and being outdoors.Meet Dr. Pascarella
  • Dr. Enos Heinzen

    Dr. Heinzen’s favorite part about dentistry is boosting patients’ confidence with a transformed, healthy smile. He’s great with kids and is a boy scout troop leader.Meet Dr. Heinzen
  • Dr. Jessica Westbrook

    Dr. Westbrook's favorite part of dentistry is working with children and making a difference in their lives. She enjoys ballet, weightlifting and board games! Meet Dr. Westbrook

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