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dental crowns & veneers

We provide treatments that include crowns and veneers to improve the appearance and function of cracked, broken, or damaged teeth. Moore & Pascarella offers superior care and advanced technology to meet your needs and restore your smile to its original luster.

general information about dental crowns

Crowns, also known as caps, are designed to provide a solution to restore a damaged tooth and prevent further damage. We provide crowns made with durable materials that include precious metal, porcelain pressed to metal, and porcelain crowns to restore your teeth. All porcelain crowns are the best option to blend with your natural tooth color to provide an attractive and lasting solution.

There are several benefits to crowns, such as improving the color and shape of teeth, rebuilding broken or decayed teeth, strengthening the teeth, and after a root canal. Once the crown is placed, you care for it as you would the rest of your natural teeth.


general information about dental veneers


Porcelain veneers are made of a very thin shell of ceramic that is bonded to the teeth. Veneers are thinner than crowns and cover just the front side of the teeth. They are useful for making minor corrections in the shape of the teeth and improve the color. Porcelain veneers require less tooth reduction than crowns and are used on teeth that are fairly healthy, but need some improvements.

Because less reduction is needed porcelain veneers enable the dentist to preserve the structure of the tooth and the procedure is less invasive than crowns. We have two types of veneers, including ceramic veneers and resin based composites. Veneers improve the appearance of the teeth and improve confidence.

the moore & pascarella difference

At Moore & Pascarella, we pride ourselves on using the best and newest technology to make your visit as comfortable & convenient as possible. We use high-tech CEREC 3 machines to place aesthetic restorations in one session, rather than multiple visits. Ceramic materials are used to preserve more of your healthy tooth and the material is resistant to plaque. When you replace your metal dental materials with porcelain, your smile will be restored in only about an hour. This high tech machine provides a strong and stable restoration to create a natural appearance and improved durability.

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